Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild

Quilting Tips

What is one of the great rewards of being in a quilt guild?  All the good ideas we learn from each other!  Here are just a few...

  • Empty pill bottles make great bobbin holders.  Old eyeglass cases, the kind that load from the top work great for storing rotary cutters.     -Dot
  • When I sew down the binding on a quilt, I first sew each corner about 6" each way.  Then I only have to go zoom, zoom, zoom on each side, and before I know it, I've sewn all the way around!    -Claudia
  • Buy quality fabrics, it pays in the long run.  Discount fabrics are often seconds or lower grade than you will find in quality quilt shops.  You should, of course, shop the sales at the quality shops!    -Sue
  • When I am in the middle of a project, I keep all the fabrics and usable scraps in a Shaker basket.  It is nearby and I can rummage through it for what I need.  It is handy.  When the project is over, I can fold up the bigger pieces and put them neatly away and toss out the small scraps.  This method keeps clutter down in the sewing area and keeps me from going nuts having to tidy everything every minute and fold and unfold and go hunting for fabric as much.   -Diane
  • Spray a little fusible spray onto a scrap of batting and use it to collect all the link and threads on your work area.    -Oak
  • My favorite thing to do is to take the triangles from my borders and from when I am making flying geese or any other time I have to cut off triangles, and make a quilt out of the pieces.  Waste not, want not!  I save most all of my scraps and make them into scrappy quilts.  I also try to do all my cutting at once and put each square in a pile, so I can do one square at a time.  But  on the other hand I also do as much chain piecing as I can.   -Barb
  • Use a flannel backed plastic tablecloth as a portable design wall.  Hang it with clothespins from coat hangers and when you are done lay the whole thing on a flat surface and roll it up (like a jellyroll).  By rolling it with the plastic on the outside the squares are protected and will not move around.   -Judy
  • Use snap style hair clips to hold bindings in place while hand sewing.  No more pricked fingers from pins!  -Barb